We Are People of Action!

We connect passionate people with diverse perspectives to exchange ideas, forge lifelong friendships, and, above all, take action to change the world. Solving real problems takes real commitment and vision. For more than 110 years, Rotary’s people of action have used their passion, energy and intelligence to take action on sustainable projects. From literacy and peace to water and health, we are always working to better our world, and we stay committed to the end.

Every December, Bellevue Sunrise Rotary volunteers ring the bell for the Salvation Army to help fill their red buckets with much-needed donations.

Volunteer Bell Ringers Randy Ohlendorf and Tom Fowler

Volunteer Bell Ringers Greg Piantanida and Chris Eakins

Our Mission

We provide service to others, promote integrity, and advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace through our fellowship of business, professional, and community leaders.

We Work Differently

President Dewalt presents a Challenge coin to Paul Regelbrugge, Director of Education, with the Holocaust Center for Humanity in Seattle, after his inspirational talk about lessons of the Holocaust, and how they relate to current events.

We see differently: Our multidisciplinary perspective helps us see challenges in unique ways.

We think differently: We apply leadership and expertise to social issues — and find unique solutions.

We act responsibly: Our passion and perseverance create lasting change.

We make a difference at home and around the world: Our members are in your community and across the globe.

The Four-Way Test Governs All That We Do

From the earliest days of our organization, Rotarians have been concerned with promoting high ethical standards in our professional lives. In 1932, when he was asked to take charge of a company facing bankruptcy, Rotarian Herbert J. Taylor created The 4-Way Test. This 24-word test was created as a statement for employees to follow both in their business and personal lives. It became a guide for sales, production, advertising, and all relations with dealers and customers. This guiding philosophy is credited with the ultimate survival of that company. Taylor would later serve as Rotary International President, and his test was adopted by Rotary in 1943.

A gift of our Challenge coin, which depicts The Four-Way Test (represented on the coin’s front at left), is presented by Bellevue Sunrise Rotary President Steve Dewalt to each of our weekly meeting speakers. Steve recites The Four-Way Test to the lucky recipient as he presents the coin. This act serves to reinforce our baseline message, both to our speakers and the group of members attending the weekly morning meeting.

One of the bid items at our Speed Croquet Tournament in 2023 was a dinner featuring Kaj Pedersen, 5030 District Governor 2023-24, hosted at President Dewalt’s home. It was the perfect opportunity for a Challenge coin presentation by Steve to the Governor.

[Safe to say that the Governor passed the test with flying colors, as evidenced by his wide smile.]

See How Bellevue Sunrise Members Like to Socialize

Christmas Party 2023

Bellevue Sunrise Rotary held its Christmas Party in December 2023. After breakfast, members broke into song with some traditional carols, ending with “The 12 Days of Christmas." Festivities concluded with a fun gift exchange.

Pass the Pin Celebration 2023

Every year, Bellevue Sunrise Rotary formally recognizes the installation of a new President with a group gathering of members and their spouses. This year, on a gorgeous sunny June afternoon spilling into evening, Steve (Stevo) Dewalt assumed solo ownership of the presidential title, which he shared with Greg Piantanida over Fiscal 2022-23. The club had a lot to celebrate even before our big fundraiser, the Annual Speed Croquet Tournament at Marymoor Park, was to take place in August. We received a very large individual contribution of $10,000, which was board-approved to be allocated to one of our most important projects, Harvest Against Hunger. The check was presented to Colleen Turner (top right with Steve Dewalt), now serving as District Asst Governor (Area 1) for our home District 5030. Harvest Against Hunger originated with District 5030 and remains one of the key food assistance programs in the entire State of Washington. Needless to say, Colleen was thrilled to receive the check on behalf of Harvest Against Hunger. Not to be outdone, member Tom Fowler (top left) took First Place during the 2023 Newcastle Limited Hash Brown Flipping Contest, with nary a shred hitting the floor. Everyone else had a grand time with lots of good-hearted laughter, while enjoying the easy camaraderie and superb food and beverages hosted by Kathy and Steve DeWalt in their warm and inviting home. Steve remembered the evening: “We flip hash browns, we give away big checks, and we simply have fun together. What’s not to like about this kind of community and community service? Bellevue Sunrise Rotary has it all. Come join us for a morning meeting and see what we are all about, and you surely will have a good time during the process."

Tour of USS Turner Joy (DD-951)

Click on image to view our group day trip to Bremerton for a tour of the USS Turner Joy

Rotary Has Global Influence

As a global network that strives to build a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change, Rotary values diversity and celebrates the contributions of people of all backgrounds, regardless of their age, ethnicity, race, color, abilities, religion, socioeconomic status, culture, sex, sexual orientation, and gender identity. If you are interested in learning more about Bellevue Sunrise Rotary Club and Rotary International, consider attending one of our virtual meetings on Zoom. It’s a convenient method to get acquainted with our membership and hear speakers who inform and inspire.

Club Positions

Steve Dewalt

Jon Cantalini

Bob Graue

President Elect
Randy Ohlendorf

Rotary Foundation
Andy Symons

Gary Crawford

Greg Piantanida

Meeting Invocation
Tom Fowler

Meeting Technology
Randy Ohlendorf
Gary Crawford

Community Service
Rod Kirkwood – Chair

Vocational Service
Steve Schmitz – Chair

International Service
James Burke – Chair

Austin Kravik – Chair

Public Image
Bob Kearns – Chair
Andy Sharpe

Chris Carlson

Other Members
Kerry Batchelder
Chris Eakins
John Dulcich
Dan Giddens
Foster Radford
Steve Roehl
Larry Rude
Joseph Sparks
Geoff Strange
Anthony Welcher
Richard Wortley

Honorary Members
Arvid Fenske
David Larson