Neighborhood Appliance Replacement Program

Bellevue Sunrise Rotary Club established the neighborhood Appliance Replacement Program in 2017 to support families in need. This ongoing program serves local families in Bellevue and Renton that cannot afford to replace a broken stove, dishwasher, refrigerator or other essential appliance. Working with local civic and non-profit organizations, Bellevue Sunrise Rotary Community Service Chair Rod Kirkwood identifies and screens candidate families.

After a candidate is selected, Bellevue Sunrise Rotary disburses donated funds to its business partner, King & Bunnys Appliances of Renton, to purchase the appliance. Then, King & Bunnys donates the manpower to remove the non-functioning appliance, followed by the installation of the brand new one.

King and Bunnys Appliances of Renton, Washington has been a Sponsoring Partner since 2017

Bellevue Sunrise Rotary is grateful to the following sponsors of our appliance replacement program.

The Klorfine Foundation
Rotary District 5030 Grant

292 appliances have been replaced to date, at an average cost of about $600 each (representing $175,000 in donated funds from our generous donors), all going to families in need across neighborhoods in Renton and Bellevue. These vital appliances have helped families in dire situations, from a widow who lost her husband and was unable to keep up with getting things fixed in her home, to a single mother of three who could not afford to fix the family stove, which effectively confined family cooking to an outdoor barbecue.

When life is interrupted because an appliance is not working, the inconvenience and cost of replacement can be overwhelming and paralyzing. Continuous funding of our Neighborhood Appliance Replacement Program guarantees that a lot of families are able to maintain hope in seemingly hopeless situations.

According to Bellevue Sunrise Rotary Past President Greg Piantanida, “The goal is to make this a perpetual program, one that serves our neighbors next year and beyond. For all of us involved in this very heartening project, it is deeply gratifying to witness the immediate positive impact these appliances have on the lives of those in need in our local neighborhoods." The overall need is large and growing.

“Rod, Thank you and Rotary so much for our new stove. It’s the city of Renton and Rotary that make it possible for us youngsters to stay in our homes. Thanks again."
Howard and Shirley S.

Jubilee REACH Partnership

The stated mission of Jubilee REACH is to: “Bring healing, build community, and transform the lives of students and families in Bellevue." Located in central Bellevue, the Jubilee REACH Center is a hub of hospitality, community, and intentional care for all those who enter their doors. Ongoing free services provide holistic support for the community and are responsive to the dynamic needs of their neighbors. Bellevue Sunrise Rotary partners with Jubilee REACH in their Groceries for Families program, which provides 2,000 bags of groceries per month to families in the Bellevue area. Ken Carpenter, Executive Director of Community Care at Jubilee REACH, administers this vital program for food-challenged families, and in exchange for Bellevue Sunrise Rotary’s participation, he locates needy families for our Appliance Replacement Program. Click here or on Ken’s picture at right to view Community Service Chair Rod Kirkwood’s YouTube interview with Ken.

Bellevue Sunrise Rotary Club is partnering with Jubilee Reach in their Groceries for Families program, which provides 2,000 bags of groceries per month to families in the Bellevue area.

Bellevue Sunrise Rotary worked with the Washington State University (WSU) Foundation to establish a Rotary scholarship at the WSU College of Medicine to help reduce the shortage of physicians in vast underserved areas of the state. The “Service Above Self” mission reflects not only the mission of the Rotary Districts across the world it also reflects the mission and vision the WSU College of Medicine has for the State of Washington.

For more information about the Rotary Scholar Program see

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Grants Awarded to Sponsored Community Projects August 2023 – July 2024

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Technology Exchange (ACTE)

ACTE is an international non-profit educational organization dedicated to fostering greater access to skills and equipment in technology for women, teachers, and students of the Afro-Caribbean Diaspora. We hope to forge a positive cross-cultural bridge between Afro-Caribbean and American participants. The 2023-24 school year grant funds will be used to expand the reach of the school by adding a second female teacher and purchasing four additional computers with wireless internet upgrades.

Coal Creek Family YMCA

The Coal Creek Family YMCA (CCFY) was established in 2009 to serve the diverse and rapidly growing communities on Seattle’s Eastside. Our state-of-the-art facilities were designed to help individuals and families learn, get healthy and gain access to all of the natural splendor this area offers. A grant from the Bellevue Sunrise Rotary will help support the CCFY to provide 200 meals weekly to individuals experiencing hunger. Through this program, the YMCA partners with Communities in Schools, a non-profit organization working within local public schools to identify students who need extra support. Containing nutritious, child-friendly, and easy-to-prepare food, each backpack provides a child with two days’ worth of food. Funding is needed to expand the program from its current level of 200 weekly meals to 250 meals for the 2024-2025 school year.

Youth Eastside

YES is a lifeline for kids and families coping with challenges such as emotional distress, substance abuse and violence. Through intervention, outreach and prevention, YES builds confidence and personal responsibility, strengthens family relationships, and advocates for a safer community in Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland, and Sammamish.


KidVantage, formerly “Eastside Baby Corner” helps children have what they need to grow, play, learn and thrive. Essential care, safety, and health goods are provided to children who are experiencing the stresses of economic insecurity, systemic inequities, or family disruption. Kids, ages birth through 12, get shoes, diapers, formula, blankets, coats, and much more from KidVantage and our service partners. KidVantage also provides for expectant and postpartum mothers.

Bellevue Eastside Corps Community Center

“The Salvation Army is by far the most effective organization in the United States. No one else even comes close to it with respect to clarity of mission, ability to innovate, measurable results, dedication, and putting money to maximum use." – Peter Drucker – The Salvation Army helps more than 28 million people each year. That’s nearly one person every second. With programs that meet the specific needs of each unique community we serve, The Salvation Army is filling some of the most critical gaps in society. Every December, Bellevue Sunrise Rotary “rings the bell” to help fill the bucket for the Bellevue (Eastside) Corps Community Center.

Construction Industry
Training Council

CITC is a state-licensed, nationally accredited, construction training program for beginning and advanced construction professionals. CITC’s training programs currently serve more than 1,700 apprenticeship and classroom training students and 8,000 continuing education students. 150 students take part in our supervisory skills assessments and performance verifications. Grants to provide toolboxes are much appreciated by the outstanding graduates.

Harvest Against Hunger

The number of people visiting food banks has remained high because most pandemic assistance programs have ended, and inflation is rising – especially for food and fuel. This grant helps reduce food insecurity among those in our community who seek assistance from hunger relief organizations.

Additional funding provided by the Klorfine Foundation.

Backpack Meals for Kids

When children are hungry, everything becomes much more difficult, including learning. The Backpack Meals for Kids program provides free, easy-to-make meals each Friday, so disadvantaged kids in Bellevue have food to eat over the weekend, and don’t come to school hungry on Monday mornings. Backpacks are also provided free to children who need them when they join the program. We are feeding more than 840 kids each weekend, along with 200 preschoolers.

The Lighthouse for the Blind

The Lighthouse for the Blind, Inc. is a private, not-for-profit social enterprise providing employment, support, and training opportunities for people who are blind, DeafBlind, and blind with other disabilities. The Lighthouse has provided employment and support to people who are blind in our community since 1918. Our philosophy maintains that each employee be provided with whatever supports are necessary for success in the workplace. Our Mission Statement: “We empower people who are blind, DeafBlind, and blind with other disabilities by creating diverse, sustainable, and meaningful employment opportunities.”

People’s Memorial Association

Everyone deserves respect in life and death. People’s Memorial Association seeks to reduce challenges during the difficult time when a loved one dies. We help nurture members who advocate for and educate themselves around memorial and end-of-life planning. Since our inception in 1939, we have been the thought-leader for funeral choice, education, and advocacy in Washington State. There are currently more than 71,000 members living in Washington State, and we have served 200,000+ families during the 85 years of our existence.

Renton Schools Foundation

The Renton Schools Foundation Mission is to increase and enhance educational opportunities for all Renton School District students by providing financial support through the fostering of community partnerships. The Foundation helps bridge the gap between inadequate state and federal funding and the cost of high-quality learning opportunities for every child, every day in every classroom. The Foundation funds programs that enrich the lives of 15,000+ Renton School District students.


We value children, and we value communities collaborating on their behalf. We especially value awareness about foster care. We think that minimizing trauma is key, so we aim to meet the immediate needs of the vulnerable children and families we serve. Fosterful’s vision is to establish and sustain efforts throughout Washington and Idaho where children and families experiencing foster care have the support they need with quality child care and tangible resources.

Hands for Peacemaking Foundation

The focus at Hands for Peacemaking is to offer opportunities for economic development, improved health conditions and access to education in order to promote self-sufficiency for the Guatemalan people in the regions we serve. Most of the villages we encounter are probably 150 years behind, and some places don’t even have water. We provide reliable, safe stoves for cooking, assist in obtaining potable water and open up pathways for indigenous people to improve their economic status.

Sea Scout Ship 2: Argo

Sea Scouts are part of Scouting and can be found in many countries around the world. If you ask any Sea Scout, old or new, what ship are they from, their eyes brighten as they firmly tell you, “We are Argonauts, always will be, and so will the hundreds of Argonauts that surround us from a proud 65 years of active scouting and camaraderie with shipmates. We are proud to be from the Argo, Scout Ship 451, it’s a deeply rooted maritime tradition!”

From left to right: David Bobanick, Executive Director, Harvest Against Hunger, Colleen Turner Director of Development, Harvest Against Hunger, and Steve Dewalt, President.

Seeding the Future for the Harvest Against Hunger

David Bobanick (left) and Colleen Turner (center) from Harvest Against Hunger (HAH) are shown with Bellevue Sunrise Rotary President Steve Dewalt just before a presentation of the HAH story at the club’s weekly meeting in February 2024. Bellevue Sunrise Rotary, in partnership with the Klorfine Foundation, presented a check for $12,500 to help support the hunger relief efforts provided by HAH. With this contribution, Bellevue Sunrise continues its long-term commitment to support hunger relief in our region. As an early Rotary program, HAH represents an effort over four decades to meet the food challenge needs of our community.