First Annual Bellevue Sunrise Rotary Fundraising Campaign Now Closed. Many Thanks to All Our Donors!

Neighborhood Appliance Replacement Program

Bellevue Sunrise Rotary Club established the Neighborhood Appliance Replacement Program in 2017 to support families in need. This ongoing program serves local families in Bellevue and Renton that cannot afford to replace a broken appliance, such as a stove, dishwasher, refrigerator or other essential appliance. Working with local civic and non-profit organizations, BSR member Rod Kirkwood, identifies and screens candidate families. After a candidate is selected, BSR disburses donated funds to its business partner, King & Bunnys Appliances of Renton, to purchase the appliances at a discounted price. Then, King & Bunnys dona
tes the manpower to remove the non-functioning appliance, followed by the installation of a brand new one. 
180 appliances have been replaced to date, at an average cost of about $600 each, all going to families in need across Renton and Bellevue. These vital appliances have helped families in dire situations, from a widow who lost her husband and was unable to keep up with getting things fixed in her home, to a single mother of three who could not afford to fix the family stove, which effectively confined family cooking to an outdoor barbecue.

When life is interrupted because an appliance is not working, the inconvenience and cost of replacement can be overwhelming and paralyzing. Continuation of our Neighborhood Appliance Replacement Program guarantees that a lot of families are able to maintain hope in seemingly hopeless situations.

According to Bellevue Sunrise President Greg Piantanida, "The goal is to make this a perpetual program, one that serves our neighbors next year and beyond. For all of us involved in this very heartening project, it is deeply gratifying to witness the immediate positive impact these appliances have on the lives of those in need in our local neighborhoods." The overall need is large and growing.

[Click here to view Community Service Chair Rod Kirkwood's YouTube interview with Ken Carpenter of Jubilee Reach
and learn more about how Bellevue Sunrise Rotary is enriching the lives of community residents in need.]

Grants Awarded to Sponsored Community Projects August 2020 - July 2021

Backpack Meals for Kids: Working to eliminate the tragedy of weekend hunger for students in Bellevue schools.

Eastside Bulldogs Junior College Football: Provides collegiate athletes the opportunity to develop on the field and in the classroom through our player development programs, community service and partnerships and on field training.

Renton Schools Foundation: Bridging the gap between inadequate state and federal funding and the cost of high-quality learning opportunities for every child, every day in every classroom.

Coal Creek Family YMCA: Nurturing the potential of kids, improving health and well-being, giving back, and supporting our neighbors in your community.

Construction Industry Training Council: A state-licensed, vocational trade school for the construction industry offering training throughout Washington State.

Harvest Against Hunger (formerly Rotary First Harvest): Bringing valuable skills and resources into hunger relief efforts in communities across Washington state and beyond.

Bellevue Sunrise Rotary is working with the Washington State University (WSU) Foundation to establish a Rotary scholarship at the Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine to help reduce the shortage of physicians in vast areas of the state. The “Service Above Self” mission reflects not only the mission of the Rotary Districts across the world but reflects the mission and vision the Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine has for the State of Washington. More information about the Rotary Scholar Program is available at the links below.